Top 20 Songs of 2013


King Krule, “Border Lines”

And the soul chokes,
to coarse the tide, to enforce divide
this whole devotion has morphed in time 

“Border Lines,” the second and most immediate track on Krule’s debut album is also his clearest proclamation of misery where his free fall of emotions includes, but is not limited to falling into a woman’s heart, escorting her mind to solve his crimes and merging his body/soul into the ocean.

Anna Calvi, “Cry”

But if you love me won’t you CRY?

Calvi’s androgynous appearance and intimate music has created no shortage of followers. Having a following, or beauty is a phenomena that’s often skin deep so it’s unsurprising to hear Calvi the narrator and lover is an illustrious piece of shit on guitar ballad “Cry.”

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, “Kindness Be Conceived” feat. Joanna Newsom

Some people would credit “Holy Roller,” as the best record from Thao & The Get Down’s latest LP and they might be right. But a lot of people would credit “Purple Rain,” as Prince’s best album and they’d be miserably wrong. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’d rather be right the first time, then right the second time hence, my love for the sweet duet with Joanna Newsom — fanfare aside on the big name feature.

My Bloody Valentine, “Who Sees You”

For Kevin Shields and co. to push MBV to the next level they had to perfect some of the sounds they fucked around with on “Loveless.” If perfecting perfection sounds impossible, check “Who Sees You,” a record that sounds much thicker than its individual parts.

Migos, “Young Rich Niggas” 

Hundred bands in the hunnits
When I make it rain, it thundah!

Of all the records on the “Young Rich Niggas,” mixtape it’s the self-titled track that really showcases how catchy these guys are. “Versace,” is cool, and “Bando,” was genius, but as someone who can’t afford the clothes or sell the drugs, “Y.R.N,” is exactly the type of anthemic adlib I can relate to. Icy! Skert! Whoo! Versace!


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