Top 20 Songs of 2012

Naturally, the honorable mentions….

Fat Trel – “On Top Of Your Girl”

While Fat Trel is more than just a joke rapper, he seems to have a future in going the Lil’ B route if he ever chooses to do so. “On Top Of Your Girl,” is nothing in comparison to the more lyrical tracks on “Nightmare on Elm Street,” but it may be the most genius Trel ever comes up with.

The Antlers, “Crest”

The Antlers only released four songs this year, so there was (naturally) little room for error. Luckily for us, most of their songs this year are as controlled and atmospheric as “Crest.”

Ab-Soul feat. Danny Brown, “Terrorist Threats”

Danny Brown has been killing it on guest verses all year, but somewhere in-between his new found fame, recording a new album, and features on the A$AP Mob, Bruiser Brigade and Darq E. Freaker tapes, Brown blessed the talented Ab-Soul with his best verse of the year.

Goat, “Goathead”

It was the combination of world beat tribal drums and psychedelic guitar on “Goathead,” that really sold me on Goat’s “World Music,” LP. And while “World Music,” has plenty to offer, no track fuses the genres as effortlessly.

Geographer, “The Myth Of Youth”

Geographer’s “Myth,” LP may have deflated the Geographer hype of the past few years, but I think it’s safe to say that placing old songs like “Kites,” on the record didn’t deter from the new records these guys have been working on. “The Myth Of Youth,” being the best of the bunch.


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