Top 40 Albums of 2011

Welcome to my top 40 albums of 2011. First, here are some honorable mentions…

Surf City – “Kudos”: A good record that just barely missed my top 40.

Widowspeak – “Widowspeak”
: Excellent debut from a pop band with a lot of potential. Too inconsistent to be considered in my top 40.

WU LYF – “Go Tell Fires To The Mountains”: I don’t care what these guys are saying, the instrumentation on this record was phenomenal. Barely missed the cut.

Mr. Mutha****in’ eXquire – “Lost In Translation”: Originally was in my list. Found its way out with a lack of staying power. Still a great record.

AraabMuzik – “Electronic Dream”: Potential laden for sure. Would like to see some more originality on forthcoming albums

The Wooden Birds – “Two Matchsticks”: Beautiful folk record that probably deserved to be listed higher than I’m giving it credit for.

PJ Harvey – “Let England Shake”: Critically acclaimed for its craftsmanship and subject matter, I just never jumped on the bandwagon for this record like everyone else did.

Big Sean – “Finally Famous”: Underrated debut from a rapper with a decent amount of potential.

Atlas Sound – “Parallax”: Disappointing pop record from one of my favorite musicians.

M83 – “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”: Probably better suited as a single album than a double album


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