Time To Organize My Portfolio

Morrrissey, “How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?”

Disclaimer: Realized that I didn’t want to edit anything. So I didn’t edit anything.

It’s time to put this blog to good use. That means it’s time to clean this shit up…

I never really thought I’d use this thing as a portfolio or long-term display of my work, but I’m actually applying to jobs in  the journalism field. So, yes this thing is no longer just for fun. Now it means something. Now it’s time to get serious.

Something that’s been overstated in my blog over the years is that I really don’t care what my readers think of the shit I write. Likewise, I really don’t care about grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or sloppy sentences. Yes, there are occasions when I’ve taken more thought into my posts than others and yes the writing I’ve done over the past few months is probably subject to this, but for the most part I just jot down thoughts. Sorry to dissapoint you. My best writing comes in graded stories or anything I can get published.

I will tell you this: editing 40+ posts of my own shit over the last 16 months will be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

My friend Alex and I would chat about editing and he always brought up a great point about how difficult it is to edit your own stuff. Even worse is watching your friends try to edit it because friends aren’t critics. They’re friends. They’re there to make you feel better about your work.

It’s not that they’re lying, it’s just that they don’t know any better. Do friends know what well-written even looks like? Do I? And how much is “I love your blog,” a synonym for “I like the points you made, but from a technical writing standpoint it’s trash.”

This goes beyond writing of course. How often do you criticize your girlfriend or boyfriend for their cooking? I mean, they just went out of their way to cook for you. The least you can do is sit there, smile and say you enjoyed it.

How about some girl’s new haircut? You know she wants a compliment — hell, some girls beg for compliments. You know the type: the ones that casually mention how they got their haircut last night. The ones that casually mention how they lost X amount of pounds. God forbid you didn’t notice. Even worse if you don’t pump the ego up with a “Yeah, you look great.”

I’m no holier than thou type nigga either. Fuck, I do it too. I went to a musical back in high school where this girl Jackie was the lead role. As she performed I sat there and criticized her. I couldn’t stand her singing and neither could my friend Chris. Then she went off the stage and we gave her hugs and told her how great she was. The hell am I supposed to say?

As I edit (particularly the best of 2011 music section) feel free to text or comment me about the process. Writing issues you see, or ways to make things cleaner or tighter. Yes, I know I just insulted your input, but any input is good input (plus I’m your shitty friend that will use a backhanded compliment to use your advice!)


About realmikeclark

23-year old Journalism & Psychology graduate of the University of Connecticut.
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