A Summer Summed Up In A 3 Minute Tune

Openly, everyone associates summer with the beach and skimpy clothes. Secretly, everyone associates it with music. The perfect kind for the summer mood.

The summer has been pumping for only a month now. Summer & I have a love-hate relationship. On the one hand, I’m like anyone else — I like the occasional beach day, those little white shorts girls are obsessed with wearing by the first day of Spring and the late nights that never drop below 70 degrees.

On the other hand, I’m a minority. I have no need for tanning. Too much sun turns me as crispy black as burnt crust on an overcooked pizza. Keeping cool is a bitch. And costs money. The electric bill payments suck. I get too hot and I sweat. A lot. Sweaty balls are only rivaled in rancidness to a smelly pussy. And maybe smelly balls.

But in all instances, I love music for the mood. Luckily, summer is a three month long acid trip. If it’s bright and sunny, there’s a song for that. If it’s pouring rain, there’s a song for that. On the best summer albums, these songs are found on the same LP.

The best summer albums often come out sometime in the spring. Or summer. These records sparkle in instrumentation. Utilize hand claps. World beat production. Multi-layered harmonies. Talk about summer love. Mope about summer lust. They’re not just catchy pop songs either. Sometimes, they’re drowned in loud guitars.

For purposes of this entry, I present my favorite albums for the summer of 2012

Weird Dreams, “Little Girl” from their “Choreography” LP

Weird Dreams debut LP has everything you could ask for in a summer LP. Jangly guitars drowned in dreamy instrumentation and multi-layered guitars with catchy chorus after catchy chorus. There are songs of lust and angst, songs of masochism, and songs of love all packed in just about 47 minutes of music. Highly recommended, one of my favorite pop albums of the year.

Holding Nails
Hurt So Bad

Beach House, “Lazuli” from their “Bloom” LP

Beach House’s latest record is appropriately named “Bloom,” for the build up of so many of the songs on this record. Not an immediately engaging record, but a slow builder that has kept me coming back for more. Perfect album to chain smoke cigarettes to on a lazy summer day.

Violens, “When To Let Go” from their album “True

Violens latest is probably the most questionable to put on this list. It’s the darkest of all the records on here and even includes drone instrumentals. Still, quite a few of these songs have that sand between your ashy black toes feel. That’s enough for me.

Through The Window
Sariza Spring


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