For now, I drown in the beat

Coma Cinema – “Eva Angelina,”

This is the most difficult time of the year for me. More difficult than finals week. Let me explain.

  • Christmas is overrated: It is a second rate holiday and everyone is freaking out about it. Christmas presents, and Christmas cheer. Blah! The only thing I dig about Christmas is the killer Christmas music. “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,” will forever be a classic. Sufjan Stevens’ cover of “Holy, Holy, Holy,” still puts a tear in my eye. The idea of Christmas being a super important holiday. Meh. I beg to make this argument against anyone who dares to argue with me. Maybe I’m a grinch. I probably am a grinch.
  • New Years Eve is a bitch: Two days after Christmas all anyone can think about is WHAT AM I DOING FOR NEW YEARS?!?!?! Well, fuck that. I’m already thinking about what I’m doing. It goes without saying that I’ve never had that perfect New Years. That kiss at 12 a.m. That great house party. I don’t care what you say about house parties, New Years almost HAS to be done at the quintessential house party. A bunch of people your age. A bunch of drinks. Some people you know. Many that you don’t. It goes without saying that this is what I want for New Years this year. We’ll see what happens.
  • That After Christmas Spending: Will kick my ass. I’m one semester short of graduation. I’ve finally realized that I have maybe 2 dress shirts. After Christmas spending has always kicked my ass but this year I think it’s a given that I’ll be shopping for business attire. I’m thinking at least a half dozen shirts. Maybe a sweater. Then whatever else I want. This won’t help my chances of going to Miami, Cancun or Panama City for Spring Break but it will help my chances of getting a job after school’s over.

Yes, I’m complaining. My complaints are minuscule, but valid. My priorities are a bit out of wack and naturally money, having a good time, and alcohol are the only things that really matter at the age of 22. Well, and writing. Here’s my writing dilemma.

I wrote a 2010 end of the year list for music for Gamespot & Football’s Future (could only link to this one, which is the original rough sketch — excuse the poor writing), two forums that I frequent. More than anything else, I’ll be spending the next few days listening to music. Drowning in the beats. Thumping into the bass. Writing allows me more time to listen to music. So does video games. I’ll probably be doing a lot of both.

The most difficult part of all of this is just time, really. Do I really have 79 minutes of my day to re-listen to the latest Drake record? What about multiple times. Do I really have the time to tell you every intricate reason as to why Grooms’ “Into The Arms,” is one of my favorite records? Can I really name all of the influences from the latest Yuck record, or all of the instruments used on the Juan Maclean record? Can I really sort through the 94 albums I’ve already graded (and the other 8 I plan on grading) to give you my 20 favorite songs of the year?

I mean, I can. It just won’t be easy.


Sidenote: Little music tab at the top will link to my top 40 albums & top 20 songs of the year. I’ll be announcing when these things will be posted here. Stay tuned.

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23-year old Journalism & Psychology graduate of the University of Connecticut.
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