Greetings! From Miami

My favorite new band…Cults – “Abducted”

So I know it’s been some time since I’ve written an entry. The tremors of life have kept me increasingly busy. This usually isn’t an issue when it comes to writing. I enjoy taking time out of my day to write. Recent times however, have left me without the paper and pen to scribble. No internet, no laptop, just me, my phone and good times with the people around me. This is what summer is supposed to be about, and it is; it has been for some time. Still, I enjoy time for myself, in seclusion, something I haven’t been able to get in the last month.

I compare writing to sex. I’d argue that it’s better, actually. For you guys that may sound sick and twisted, but if you can do the thing you love all day, wouldn’t you? Priority #1 in my life isn’t sex all day [if it was I’d probably be doing it more.] It shouldn’t be yours either [which is why I find it increasingly baffling that men in particular set, random, meaningless or whatever sex as such a high priority on their checklists of successful days/nights. What ever happened to just being with your buddies, girls and guys, and enjoying a brew?] What the hell do I know though? Maybe sex is the best thing you’ve ever experienced. Maybe you love sex as much as I love writing. Fair enough.

Believe me though, not writing hurts me more than it hurts any fans I may (or may not) have made since the beginning of this blog. Whether I’m particularly good at it or not is irrelevant [though I personally like to think I’m somewhere around average! Not publishable by any means, certainly a bit juvenile, but no scrub off the street] the fact remains that I love writing. I could sit here and describe why I love writing, or how much it means to me, but I’ve already linked to someone who described the way I feel about in better words than I ever could. If you doubt Miller’s credentials (and you may), consider the fact that he actually has a book coming out [to be released by the end of this year–yes I’m subtly advertising] and is by his own and others words, “internet famous.”

No, I can’t describe how I feel as well as Miller can, but I can give this stark example to prove my desire. I recently was asked what I would do if I had three wishes. My answers were simple–one was to relieve stress of my parents and the other was to hope for a good home life [wife, kids and the sort.] The third was the most universal of the three–success, being successful, and everything inbetween. While many will equivalate [not actually a word] this to monetary backing, nice houses, and other gluttonous material I describe success for myself in a much tighter aspect. My version of success is being “comfortable,” monteraily while still doing what I want to do for an occupation. I wouldn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, rich while doing a job that I hate…or rich in general to be honest. I’d hate being rich. I’m not even sure if I could properly raise my kids if I was rich, wealthy, or even upper middle class. I’d spoil them too much, give them “everything I never had,” and probably be in desperate need of a wife who’s willing to put her foot down and [essentially] be the “man,” [gender stereotypes!] of the house [particularly when I couldn’t say no.] The job(s) I’d want to do are simple. Sort of. I’d write as a freelance reporter for many publications or for one music or football inspired blog/magazine while also being a multi-instrumentalist that played a dozen instruments and was proficient at all of them [and made music in similar vein to that of Beirut, or Sade, or hell even Headlights.] It’s a dream, certainly…a bit over the top even [the multi-instrumentalist thing will probably never happen] but it’s a dream. We all have them.

I guess all of this was to say, even though I haven’t been writing much, I’ve been feening to write. I’ve been itching to talk about things…life, music, and general nuances that pass through my head. Of course if you’ve been keeping up, you’ve probably guessed where I’ve been the past month...if the post title is any indication. That entry is for another day though.


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23-year old Journalism & Psychology graduate of the University of Connecticut.
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