10 Things I Need To Accomplish This Summer…5 Weeks Later

Wilco – “Summer Teeth”

You may recall that 5 weeks ago today I created a blog that outlined my goals for this summer. Today, I plan on re-looking at those goals as their outcomes have suddenly become clearer. 5 weeks later [which would be, approximately August 21st or the end of the summer] I guess we’ll see if any of these goals were accomplished at all.

1. Get A JOB!: Well, I was jobless five weeks ago. Now I’m not. Today I was employed at Milbar Labs for another go at working in a factory! Horray! I told myself in the beginning of the summer I would NOT go back to a factory to work this summer, but I was so desperate for a job that I just had to take what was available to me. I hate these jobs with a passion…I sweat profusely, sending out packages to clients. Last year, I was stuck with a dumb bitch who couldn’t get the orders correct and inadvertently blamed mistakes on me because I was younger than her. Luckily, everyone in the factory knew she was a nutjob…as is the case with many people in these kind of jobs.

In any case, I actually look forward to working here tomorrow. I like a majority of the people, and being hired here has also reunited me with my friends Desmond and Lemmy [whom, last summer were my top wingmen.] After losing my phone this winter I had no communication with these guys [they lack any form of social networking.] Due to this inconvenience, my summer has consisted of me traveling to party with friends more than partying with people in my area. If nothing else, re-uniting with these two will save me a boatload of money because I won’t be traveling so far.

2. For the first time, celebrate my fucking birthday: Celebrated my birthday last weekend. It was fantastic. Not all-world or anything [what’s a night out without a little drama?] but I had a few fantastic nights with friends. Certainly satisfied considering I’m not a big birthday person as it is. Stories to come, that’s for sure.

3. Go To Las Vegas: This is looking more and more difficult as the days go by. In fact, I’ve completely given up on this idea. One, because I have no money and two because if I were to go it would have had to be before July 21st. Considering I’m now working there’s almost 0 chance I go to Vegas this summer…but my friend Alex will be there next summer around the same time and has already invited me to come up. I could live in hope!

New Goal, Go To New Jersey (Wildwoods): This was offered to me just a week ago. It’ll be cheaper than the Miami trip, and if Scrabes can’t comply with what I need to happen to go to Miami I won’t fret on making this goal a major priority. Plus there’s a girl out there that I really, really want to fucking see. It’s possible to do both Jersey and Miami but I’m not holding my breath. Or maybe I am. I’ll probably have to if I end up in fucking Jersey.

4. Alive At Five: I’ve actually surprised myself with how well I’ve accomplished this goal. 5 weeks later, and I’ve been to this festival twice already, once on my birthday weekend [saw MC Hammer] and 3 weeks ago to see Third Eye Blind. Hasn’t been everything I expected, but it’s absolutely something I want to do again. Both times I’ve bumped into a TON of people I haven’t seen in ages….which is always a good time considering normal circumstances wouldn’t permit elongated conversation.

5. Go To A Strip Club: Still never been to one, but this is probably becoming closer to a reality. My friend Tom recently told me a story about his adventures in the gentleman’s club [one that he probably wouldn’t want me to share here] and my friend James’ talked about going to one just last weekend. Again, I could live in hope!

6. Catch Up On Some TV Shows: Mad Men’s first season, Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared have all been watched. I may not have the time for the other shows I planned on watching, but this has become a resounding success.

7. When In Vegas, Get Married: Yeah, about that…

Still willing to get hitched to a drunk girl who’s down though. Preferably an immigrant.

8. Go to Miami: Job should mean Miami is a go, right? Wrong. If I’m really going to go I need my friend Scrabes to pay for my ticket initially and have me pay him back. Why? Because I probably won’t start getting paid until the trip begins [early/mid-August.] Guess it depends on how much he wants me to head down there with him. I wonder how I can convince him of this…hmph.

9. Get Naked: I’ll write a blog on my streaking adventures eventually

10. Get A Consistent Summer Chick: There are certainly some prospects…including a very old flame. I’d imagine something will be “consistent,” by late July…as is what happened last summer.

Most of you will probably admire this list more when everything is completed and I can tell some fucking awesome stories. Believe me I will. This is just that transition post…so you can imagine what to, and what not to look forward to. From what’s been accomplished so far, you definitely won’t be disappointed. And though I realize this post may garner no interest from readers, I’m addicted to writing everyday, whether it interests the readers or not. Of course, I’d love to interest you everyday, but inevitably I won’t. Hopefully the song in the beginning of the post entertains you at least.

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