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Beirut- “My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille”

And thank you Dallas Mavericks for sealing Lebron James’ fate.

I know what you’re expecting. This is going to be a major kick Lebron while he’s down post. It’s not. I’ve kicked him enough on Facebook and Twitter, to the point where my friends are probably sick of reading about him. If that wasn’t enough, the media has already burned Lebron at the stake this past week. Choker, not clutch, and everything in-between has been used to describe him…and while it’s accurate there’s a point where things get a little out of hand. When Lebron’s failures are the major storyline in an NBA Finals discussion, there’s a need for contrast in media outlets…thing is, nobody’s providing that offbeat approach. I’m not even mad about the Lebron hate. He deserves every bit of it. But a good journalist knows when enough is enough.

There is one thing I don’t like about the Lebron hate though, and that’s the Lebron redemption story that will come up in the next year or two. Lord knows ESPN and co. are setting up this offseason of calling Lebron a choker just to call him the King, and the key piece to his teams success if he does win the NBA Finals in the next couple of years. He’s 26 after all. He has time, and he’ll [unfortunately] win a championship with D-Wade and Bosh. Hell, if he doesn’t then he really fucking sucks.

There are also better stories involved here. As a long time Kings fan, I love watching Peja Stojakovic win a championship…finally. I loved seeing Jason Kidd when a championship. Dirk, I couldn’t care any less about [yes I realize this is a Dirk appreciation blog, but I appreciate what he did, I don’t care that he won] but Jason Terry, JJ Barea, and Mark Cuban all deserved this. Rick Carlisle too, honestly…since he received the shaft in Indiana, and the shaft in Detroit. He’s always been a damn good coach, building awful teams, and never received the recognition for it. Finally he gets his ring. I’m glad.

I also want to mention Bonnaroo. I was busy this weekend, but got to watch a few live shows including The Drums, Smith Westerns and School of Seven Bells. The Drums were pretty lame live…the lead singer killed it for me. Smith Westerns were fantastic, and the School of Seven Bells were much better live than recorded. And well…that’s that. Hope anyone that went had fun. I’m envious that I won’t get to go to a major festival this year. Lollapalooza is coming up though…shame I don’t have any cool friends who are willing to drive, pay and get out of work for such an event though. I need new friends. Ones with good music taste, reliability, and some form of spontaneity. I don’t think I have one friend like this *sigh*

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