10 Thing I Need To Accomplish This Summer

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This summer has been the most unusual summer for me yet. Not since 2005 have I not had a summer job. That was six years ago. Six fucking years. Every year of my existence it seems like I’m stuck doing some shitty factory job, or baking out in the sun working with kids but not this year. Nope, instead I’m stuck at home with no money, and no job. With the unsurmountable amount of time I have on my hands this summer, I’m creating a bucket list of all the things I need to do before the summer is over. Bear with me. This could be long.

1. Get A JOB!: Currently I’m jobless and broke as shit. I’m at least 300 dollars down the hole for letting people borrow money this semester, from my brother Jose to my mooching friends who need not be named. In any case, that 300 dollars could have come in handy but I digress. My bank account currently sits at a measly $300.49. This is a decent amount to get through the summer, but considering the way I drink when I’m at school 300 dollars could easily go down the tube in a matter of two weeks. All in all, I need a job. I’m applying to Macy’s, Urban Outfitters and probably a host of places where I can be a waiter. I don’t need a full-time job, just something to give me a few hundred bucks a week.

2. For the first time, celebrate my fucking birthday: I’ve never had a formal birthday party. I fear that I’ll get my hopes up, no one will come, it’ll suck, and I won’t have any fun. Having low expectations and not really celebrating tends to be the best defense to this. Most of my birthdays just end up being get togethers with a few friends. Sometimes its dinner with the family. Never is it a night to remember. Well, OK…that’s a lie. My 21st birthday was a night to remember for all the wrong reasons [ones I won’t get into.] My 19th too for that matter [I puked in my friends Bentley, on the day that was both his and my birthday.] I’m considering options at this point…do I want to accommodate all of my young friends and go to a bar for 18+ [many of my friends are 20] or do I want to go to a bar for 21+ with a bunch of older friends. I’m not sure. Do I want to find a show to go to with a few buddies and get fucked up there? Do I want to throw a party? Again, not sure. Suggestions are more than welcome though.

3. Go To Las Vegas: I know this seems like a stupid idea. How could one go to Vegas without a job? Hear me out…my friend Alex Villegas is working for the World Series of Poker all throughout July in Las Vegas. He’s covering the WSOP for a blog site where they’ve paid all of his expenses. He’s allowed me to join him on the condition that I pay for my own plane ticket. For me, this is awesome and opens up a lot of shit I need to do on my own bucket list on the condition that I get to Vegas by the middle of July [my hope].

4. (A)live At Five: Alive at five is a celebration in Stamford where people just get really shitty, and listen to music. Apparently everybody’s fucking, drinking, and acting like morons. There’s a musical guest every week and it happens every week in the summer starting the weekend of June 24th and ending in August. I’ve been talking about going since last summer but now that I have more friends in the area going this summer is almost a must.

5. Go To A Strip Club: Confession: I’ve never been to one. I just want to see what the big deal is. This isn’t a major thing on my list really. I’ve lived without a strip club for so many years and I’d imagine a night at a strip club would soak some cash from my pocket but if I have the extra moolah I’d love to give it a shot. Hopefully in Vegas. If not, New Haven or New York will do.

6. Catch Up On Some TV Shows: This is almost a no-brainer for me. During the summer I always find new shows to start watching and I have three that have been in my quene for some time now. They include Mad Men, Supernatural, and re-starting the O.C. The only show I’ve heard really great things about is Mad Men but the other two have always left me curious. One, because I stopped watching the O.C. at some point in the first season, and two because a lot of my friend dig Supernatural.

7. When In Vegas, Get Married: Why the hell not? I’ll probably be saving some tender immigrant’s tenure in the United States by marrying them in Vegas. I’ll also probably get free sex out of it. Crude? Sure. But it’s a win-win situation.

8. Go to Miami: My friend Scrabes really wants to go to Miami for his 21st birthday. I’m not entirely ecstatic about the idea, but I’m definitely down to go. Not ecstatic because with the addition of Vegas to my bucket list, going to two different states may inevitably leave my bank account in the negative. On the flip side, how often am I going to go to Miami with one of my best friends? Exactly. The other issue is that he wants to book tickets soon to make sure they’re cheap but I can’t comply quite yet because I have no job [this job thing is ruining my life!]

9. Get Naked: I went streaking a few months ago and it may have been the most invigorating experience of my life. I loved every minute of it, and honestly can’t wait to be naked again. In essence I want to be naked this summer. I want to skinny dip. I want to streak. I want to take my clothes off at the club while “Hot In Herre” is playing. I want to eat pussy butt naked in public.  I wanna do a lot. Just a matter of me having the cajones to do it.

10. Get A Consistent Summer Chick: I always have one it never fails. There’s always one girl that I’m just consistently with during the summer. This summer hopefully will be no different. Maybe I’ll meet her in Vegas or Miami. Maybe she’ll be an old flame. Who knows? She’s out there though, hopefully. The great thing about summer flings is that finding one is the easy part. Breaking it off? Even easier.

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