Unnecessary for an introduction post

Really, it’s unnecessary to introduce myself on an online blog that will probably be read mostly by myself. Coincidentally this post in itself could serve as an introduction, but really who’s paying attention that much….

I don’t like formal introductions. Quite frankly I genuinely don’t care to know where you’re from, who you are, and what your name is which is why I’m probably so apathetic to the formal introduction. When you’re 21 and you’ve been in college as long as I have you learn that meeting a new person can mean very, very little. In college I can meet you at a party, hear your life story and never see you again. I can meet you after you’ve talked my friends’ ear off, and I’ve sat as the awkward third wheel in passing, and again never see you again. I can meet you at a port, play music and sing songs with you, your friends, and my friends and never see you again.

Even if I did see you who’s to say I’d remember you…or that you’d remember me. It’s a big world out there, and only after half a dozen greetings and a facebook friendship can I truly guarantee remembering a name and a tidbit or two about a person. You’ll never guess how many people have awkwardly gone up to me and said “hey” only for me to look at them like some nutjob…and if it hasn’t happened to me a few times I’d be lying [along with quite a few stare downs…you know what I’m talking about…that ‘I know you! Look at me so I can greet you!’ look – we’ve all done it, it’s fine.]

And that’s why I don’t like formal introductions. But as I alluded to in the 2nd sentence of this entry, this may in fact be as formal as anything. Don’t believe me? Well, what have we learned?  By virtue of this blog’s name, you obviously know my name. You know I’m in college. I’m 21. Need more? How about a cool tidbit about me: I hate formal introductions. That’s not to mention the other examples I’ve mentioned on why I hate formal introductions, which can all infer certain personality traits, and hobbies that I have [such as apathy, a love for music, a love and hate for listening to others, and so forth.] All of those examples were true, and have happened or been witnessed by yours truly….take them as you will.

I always start up these kind of things and never keep up with them. I started blogging when I was 12, around the year 2001 or so. I’ve had at least half a dozen blogs. None lasted more than 6 months. I’ll try to keep up with this. I promise. At least for the summer….it will give me something to do.

About realmikeclark

23-year old Journalism & Psychology graduate of the University of Connecticut.
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