Rude to leave before the morning’s up?

Tunes for the day: John Mayer – Assassin

Here’s a scenario:

You sleep in the same bed with the opposite sex whom you plan to, or do hook up with [or same sex I guess if that’s your preference.] Whether sex is involved or not is irrelevant. Is it rude to leave before they wake up?

I ask because I’ve been doing this a lot recently…it’s not even in poor taste, really. I just hate the morning after…conversation, sweatiness, that awkward moment when you want to leave and feel pained to ask the girl for her number even if you don’t want it [OK so maybe this IS in poor taste.] And what if shit didn’t go as planned? I couldn’t perform so now I look like a jackass [thank you, alcohol.] She denies sex, and now after pleasing her, you’re cuddling with her [ugh.] You forgot to shave before going out. She forgot to shave before going out. She’s on her period but had sex with you anyways. She is really a he. Some of these probably should have inhibitated [that’s not a word, is it?] your ability to get to the morning after but still…the possibilities of the morning after really are endless.

Believe me, they are. I once hooked up with a virgin. We did our thing…she loved it. Then I promised more of my fingers. Then I passed out. Who wants to stay for the morning after that? Once had a girl who didn’t shave. We hooked up…then I realized this…I wanted to get out of there as quickly [and early] as possible [I didn’t because my friend who drove was passed out and drunk but that’s another story.] Again, who wants to stay for the morning after that?

I can see why people would think this is dick of me to ask. Of course leaving before the morning after is in poor taste…god forbid you had sex with the person. The least you can do is say hey I’m leaving, I had fun, here’s my number, don’t expect my call. But if I’m never going to call, who cares if she doesn’t see my face in the morning? Even if I will call, it’s not difficult to cozy back up with someone in bed. If you did your due diligence the first time, you should be getting a text from the other person anyways.

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23-year old Journalism & Psychology graduate of the University of Connecticut.
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